Book Tour Event with author Doug Pagitt

Outdoing Jesus:
Seven ways to Live Out the Promise Greater Than

Monday, October 28 • 7 pm  •  at HopeGateWay

We were pleased to have author, pastor, and social activist Doug Pagitt back to Portland, Maine to share his newest book, Outdoing Jesus.
The book asks: Is it sacrilegious to claim that ordinary people can do greater works than Jesus?
“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” (John 14:12).
Taking these words of Jesus seriously, Outdoing Jesus shows how the seven actions of Jesus that the Gospel of John singles out as special “signs” challenge us to live into a greater future. When Jesus asserts that his followers “will do even greater things than these,” he is calling for us to extend his miracles for the benefit of all of humanity. Only a master teacher wants students to do greater than their master!
Doug Pagitt uses the works and teachings of Jesus as lenses through which we see what the kingdom of God would look like if it were “at hand.” We see how developments in humanities, medicine, science, technology, philanthropy, structural design, and social justice are bringing about the agenda of God for the world — and how we can participate. Outdoing Jesus is not only insightful biblical theology but a robust call to dare great things in pursuit of human flourishing.
About the author: Doug has authored 10 books on spirituality, Christianity and leadership, including: Flipped (Random House 2015), The Inventive Age Series (SparkHouse 2012), and A Christianity Worth Believing (Jossey-Bass 2008). This latest book offers a hopeful and provocative commentary on biblical good news exemplified through present-day ordinary people making extraordinary contributions. Since 2000, Doug has been the founding pastor of Solomon’s Porch, a Holistic Missional Christian Community in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also founded and remains active with the Greater Things Foundation, a charitable non-profit for empowering and fostering more beautiful, inclusive, and life-giving communities. A proud, concerned and hopeful American, Doug Pagitt is a co-founder and Executive Director of Vote Common Good, a national political non-profit dedicated to inspiring, energizing, and mobilizing people of faith to engage in civic life.
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We also held a Lunch Gathering with Doug Pagitt the following day — Tuesday, October 29, at 12 noon, at The BTS Center (97 India Street, Portland ME). To learn more click here.