Bearings: Navigating Life-as-Ministry
Into the Wild | October 2018

Into the Wild

The New! Improved! Bearings magazine is here! Over the summer—and, okay, a bit into the fall—we’ve been working on redesigning Bearings to better support 21st century ministry leaders in navigating life-as-ministry. In our first new issue, “Into the Wild,” we’re exploring what it means to approach wilderness as a site of physical and metaphorical engagement with forces that might be out of our control. How can the challenges of the wilderness form us for richer engagement with “civilization”? Features by Aram Mitchell and Pam Shellberg as well as Connor Holttum share the fruits of wilderness exploration with Bearings readers. In a different neck of the woods, in our new Creative Insights section, Mark Collins navigates the lessons that the craft of woodworking and the insights of Plato hammer—sometimes literally—into us. Finally, Elizabeth Drescher offers Commentary on the process of getting our bearings and finding our voices, from blog to magazine, over the past four years and what that calls us to in the world as it is today.


Calling Across the Bow

The Way Onward for Bearings: Navigating Life-as-Ministry

When I started this piece some weeks ago, the world was a different place. I had taken a jauntier tone than feels possible now. After all, here we are announcing not only the fifth year of publishing Bearings—a milestone for any publication, big or small—but also celebrating the launch of a redesigned site for the magazine, a new publication schedule, and a new... Read more
Featured Article

Navigating the Crux of 21st Century Ministry Wilderness

Aram Mitchell, executive director of Renewal in the Wilderness, and Pam Shellberg, the BTS Center’s scholar-in-residence, have been collaborating on a program* for progressive faith communities facing significant changes in embodying their missions. The Crux* takes its name from hiking terminology for “the most difficult section of a hiking route or where the greatest... Read more
Creative Insights

Plato, Basketball, and Your Life Work

Lessons I Have Learned, and Other Clichés

Mark Collins launches our regular Creative Insights section with a video on his, um, adventures making furniture from repurposed basketball court boards. His “Plato, Basketball, and Your Life Work” explores vision, revision, and purpose as, well, often something of a poke in the eye. Literally. “Varnish,” Collins tells us, as he considers how we build lives that... Read more
Featured Article

Making the Spiritual Path by Walking It

Notes from the Pacific Northwest Trail

Pilgrimage, walkabout, spiritual journey ... whatever the name, extended periods of mobility play a large role in many spiritual traditions. They are forms of engaged spirituality in which the boundaries between the active and contemplative life of the soul blur, each nurturing the other. With modern technology and the unprecedented access to information it... Read more