Bearings: Navigating Life-as-Ministry
September 2016

Bearings Welcomes Mark Collins, Who Understands Nothing

I am new to this space. Contrary to the usually polite tradition of such occasions, let me introduce myself with an admission: despite the titles of writer and teacher, my ignorance is both broad and deep. I thought I understood parables and metaphors and language; I understand nothing. Not that I need many reminders of my multiple failings, but there’s this little... Read more

Growing Up as a Church When Our Young Adults Leave

Toward the end of Coffee Hour on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend—a light day, as they go—I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was our usually unflappable church Music Director, looking, well, flapped. “Got a minute?” he said in the “up tone” that in church staff speak means, “Houston, we have a problem.” We stepped into the church kitchen. We had a problem. Our... Read more

Sharing Spiritual Stories, Even When Your Voice Shakes

This summer, my two-year-old and I were driving on the way to some errand or another. His older sister was absent, over at a friend’s house to play. He found that he could chatter uninterrupted about whatever topic he wanted, a rare pleasure. Suddenly, he asked me with urgency, “Why is the sky blue?” I admitted that I wasn’t sure why the sky was blue, but I could... Read more

Conversation Starter

Moving Into Year Three of Getting Our Bearings by Sharing Our Stories

As we ease into our third year of publication of The BTS Center’s award-winning blog, Bearings, co-editors Elizabeth Drescher and Alyssa Lodewick have been mulling the role of outlets like ours in shaping what the Church is becoming in a dynamic religious landscape. We’re excited to continue what we see as a multi-dimensional dialogue that extends across that terrain.... Read more