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Going Through the Holiday Motions

For the past few weeks, I have been going through the motions. I wrestle with Advent texts, write “to do” lists, and mail packages to faraway beloveds. This marks the first Christmas that two of our three “olders” are so far away from home that they won’t be with us, one on the opposite coast and the other studying abroad in Japan. This shift in the family system... Read more

A Christmas Story for a Political Season

It’s December, and we have entered the season of narrative. Around the globe, adorable children in Sunday School classrooms are presenting nativity pageants in hundreds of different languages. They don headgear cut from bedsheets and cardboard-and-aluminum angels’ wings. Nervous but excited, they anxiously watch for their pageant directors’ cues . . . and then,... Read more

Waking the Blessed Peacemakers

In a week . . . no, a month . . . no, a year . . . no, a decade . . . saturated with terror that has been tinged, if not triggered, by religion, it hardly seems possible that the most disturbing bits of “content” stirring in my mind would be a comment made by one of my students as the San Bernardino, CA shootings were—unbeknownst to those of us in the bubble of... Read more