Rewiring Religion: From Conflict to Connection in the Digital Age

In a recent article on Salon, Andrew O’Hehir wrote, “Religion is driving us crazy, and the disorder is by no means limited to believers.” Now, any time you put the words “crazy,” “disorder,” and “believers” in such close proximity to one another, you’re bound to get my attention. I just can’t help it. As a minister and a clinically trained social worker, I’m addicted... Read more

Feeling Our Way Back to Center: A Novice Potter on the Ancient Art of Reshaping 21st-Century Church

This fall I began studying pottery-making. Every Thursday night I drive to a studio about 30 miles from the town where I serve as a United Methodist pastor to sit at a pottery wheel and learn how to throw pieces of art. It all begins with a lump of formless clay that gets worse before it will get better. After cutting it off of a block, I have to knead the clay... Read more