Plato, Basketball, and Your Life Work

Lessons I Have Learned, and Other Clichés

Mark Collins launches our regular Creative Insights section with a video on his, um, adventures making furniture from repurposed basketball court boards. His “Plato, Basketball, and Your Life Work” explores vision, revision, and purpose as, well, often something of a poke in the eye. Literally. “Varnish,” Collins tells us, as he considers how we build lives that reflect the light of our experience unto others, “is nothing but a giddy lie.” You’ll want safety goggles for this foray from the wilderness into something that might be “civilization.” Or not.

Plato, Basketball, & Your Life Work from The BTS Center on Vimeo.

Basketball, Life Purpose, Plato, Safety Glasses

Mark Collins

Mark Collins teaches at his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. A regular contributor to Daily Guideposts, he is also the author of Wayward Tracks (In Extenso, 2016), and co-editor with Maggie Kimmel of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: Children, Television, and Fred Rogers. His wife, Sandra, is Professor of Scripture at Byzantine Catholic Seminary. His grown daughters still make him crazy, as do the assortment of suffering automobiles littering his driveway. He’ll start on the squeaky Subaru fan belt next week or maybe the week after, it’s hard to say.

Cover photo: Neven Krcmarek, Untitled. (October 25, 2017). Via Unsplash. CC 2.0 license.