Contributor: Ronald D. Culmer

The Reverend Ronald D. Culmer is married and has two children, two dogs, and one goldfish in a house small on size but big on love. Ron served in the United States Air Force, and was stationed at Altus AFB in Oklahoma. He has BA from California Lutheran University and a Master of Divinity from The Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Reverend Culmer is the Rector of St. Clare’s Episcopal Church and School in Pleasanton, California and is enrolled in the joint D.Min. program in Congregational Development at Bexley-Seabury and CDSP and expects to finish his dissertation in June of 2018. Find him on Twitter at @onebreadonecup.

Learning From Hearts Broken Open

Lessons from 25 Years of Ministry on the Growing Edge

My nephew was a bright, ascending star. His academic acumen was extraordinary. His athletic ability was astounding. Musically, he was captivating with a repertoire and skill that could have landed him just about anywhere. And on July 14, 2018, he took his own life. Journalist Roxanne Roberts was right when she wrote of her father’s death more than 30 years... Read more

Finding the Face of the Church Becoming

Can a Renewed Pluralism Nurture a ‘Church on the Way’ that Engages Young People?

It was May, 1965 when a group of African-American Episcopalians from the Episcopal Society for Culture and Racial Unity, also known as ESCRU, attempted to enter an Episcopal Church in St. Augustine, Florida for Sunday mass. As explored in United By Faith: The Multicultural Congregation As An Answer to Race, these Episcopalians were blocked from entering the church... Read more

Radical Gratitude as Resistance

I’m going to put a whole lot of honesty on the table: I find the age we live in very disturbing. Perhaps you share my concern or, worse yet, have been the object of concern from the likes of me. The truth is, my peace has been disturbed. As an African-American man, fighting for dignity has been a daily chore made that much more difficult because the current... Read more