Contributor: Robin Denney

Robin Denney is a priest and an agriculturalist. She serves as Associate for Christian Formation at St. Cross Episcopal Church, Hermosa Beach. She graduated in 2017 from Virginia Theological Seminary. Before seminary she worked as a church planter in Gonzales, California.  Prior to that she was an agricultural missionary for the Episcopal Church, serving in Liberia and South Sudan.

God was a Refugee

Finding the Beating Heart of Ministry in the Incarnation

Reina had walked for more than 20 days, in the rain and cold and mud. Grief-stricken after the loss of her son, she walked with one destination in mind: a country she hoped would be her safe-harbor, a new beginning, free from the fear and the violence she had known. She walked with thousands of others to find safety in numbers. She wasn’t trying to make a statement... Read more