Contributor: Nick Nagy

Nick Nagy is a junior at Santa Clara University, where he has a double major in religious studies and political science with a minor in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. He also works as a Student Assistant and a Sustainability Liaison in the Religious Studies office, and is the editorial assistant for Bearings magazine. He’s a busy guy. And a Hoosier.

Don’t Fence Us In!

And Other Lessons Learned from the Real Lives of College Students

Do this. Don’t do that. Spend your time this way. Pray this way. Believe this. Reject that. This is the kind of rigidity that young people like me cannot stand when it comes to religion. We just don’t get it. Indeed, although many would probably not say so outright, my hunch is that there is an underlying assumption among the increasing population of nonreligious... Read more

Peacemaking in the Middle

I was back in “the middle” this holiday—back in Indiana, the flyover state I call home. Indiana has garnered much attention these past two years as the current Vice President hails from the state. Unfortunately, the presidential election of 2016 might have you thinking that Mike Pence is a good representation of what it means to be a Hoosier. But Pence has a... Read more