Contributor: Jim Keat

Rev. Jim Keat is the Associate Minister of Digital Strategy & Online Engagement at The Riverside Church in New York City and the Director of Online Learning at the Center for Progressive Renewal. He is a divergent thinker, an ideation specialist, and an aspiring minimalist. In his spare time, Jim enjoys solving a Rubik’s cube, going on a long run, playing with his cats, Whitman and Wendell. To find out more about Jim go to or follow him on Twitter at @IdeasDoneDaily.

Hashtagging the Good News of Social Media

I thought about writing this piece the old fashioned way, with words forming sentences forming paragraphs and so on. But I realized that instead of writing an essay about hashtags, Twitter, and the good news of social media, the piece itself should embody its own content. As Marshall McLuhan reminded us in 1964, “the medium is the message.” The form of the medium... Read more