Contributor: Janet Dorman

Janet Dorman graduated from Boston University School of Theology and is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. For the past twenty-six years, she has served churches in the Boston area and the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has been a chaplain in an AIDS ministry. Janet retired in 2018 as the Pastor and Teacher at the Foreside Community Church in Falmouth, Maine, where she lives. As an avid observer of the natural world, she is interested in the intersection of faith and science. She occasionally writes for the Portland Press Herald’s Religion and Values page from the perspective of progressive Christianity.

What the Parrots of Telegraph Hill and Other “Invasive Species” Can Teach the Church

Some years ago, while living in San Francisco, I encountered the parrots of Telegraph Hill. I was walking through a park on the Embarcadero, the city’s western waterfront, when I heard a racket overhead. Looking up, I could see bright flashes of color moving in the branches and occasionally taking flight among the eucalyptus trees. Startling to hear and see,... Read more