Contributor: Hazel Cherry

Hazel Cherry, a native of Oakland, CA is a free spirited, writer, theatre actress and minister. Currently residing in Washington, D.C. she has advocated for quality education, gender equity and anti-poverty and hunger legislation. She is also founder of “Sisters Speak,” an online platform for Black Women. Her mission is to cultivate spaces for Black women and girls to be free. She seeks to empower a new generation of Black Women and Girls storytellers to transform the film and media industries. Follow her on Twitter @laydeproclaimer.

Where Can I Run To?

Creating Sacred Space as a Black Woman

The 1990s R&B girl group, Xscape, has a famous song entitled “Who Can I Run To?” The song discusses the complexity of whom to rely on when one needs love. I can relate. I entered my thirties this year full of hope, only to be hit with three significant losses in a six-month time span. I lost the love of my life, then my job, and then my father passed. It... Read more