Contributor: Francisco García

The Rev. Francisco García is a first year PhD student at Vanderbilt University, focusing on Theological Studies and Ethics. An Episcopal priest and former community and labor organizer, his research project entails developing a theology of organizing rooted in the liberation tradition in order to better equip communities of faith to address the pressing justice issues of our time. Prior to his doctoral studies, he served in leadership roles at two parishes–most recently as the Rector of Holy Faith Episcopal Church, a multiracial, multilingual congregation in Inglewood, California. In 2016, Francisco facilitated an organizing effort making the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles a Sanctuary Diocese, and co-founded the resulting Diocesan ministry known as Sacred Resistance.

Can the Church Welcome the Stranger without Challenging Mainline Christian Whiteness?

Examining Race to Build Solidarity with Immigrants and Refugees

The demands on us related to immigration are overwhelming and may seem insurmountable. There seems to be no end to the mass suffering and injustice being inflicted on immigrant families—in particular children and youth—who are simply trying to survive in the midst of economic despair, violence, and other uncertainties. As people of faith rooted in the values of... Read more