Contributor: Emily A. Peck-McClain

Rev. Dr. Emily A. Peck-McClain is Visiting Professor of Christian Formation and Young Adult Ministry at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Peck-McClain is author of Arm in Arm with Adolescent Girls: Educating into the New Creation (2018). She is also a contributing editor to Speaking Truth: Women Raising Their Voices in Prayer, which will be released in February. Peck-McClain lives in Maryland with her spouse, three kids, and one dog.

Embracing Brave Change as Christian Identity and Mission

For people in ministry, one of the most frustrating phrases to hear from congregants and committees is, “But we’ve never done it that way before.” There is often a lot packed into that one sentence—fear (of risk, of failure), hesitation around trusting the pastoral leader, and even grief over the loss of the familiar.  For leaders this phrase can feel like a roadblock.... Read more