Contributor: Emilio Bañuelos

Emilio Bañuelos is a photographer and Arts Educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has conducted classes and workshops for the Academy of Art University, San Jose Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Jewish Museum, University of California Santa Cruz-Extension, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Santa Clara University, and through Rayko Photo Center. Learn more at

Resilience & Mercy at the Margins

Seeing Homelessness and Ministry in Silicon Valley Homeless Encampments

Median household income in San Jose, California, the so-called Capital of Silicon Valley, is $96,662 a year, with the "middle class income" range cresting at $193,324, according to the finance website, GoBankingRates. For more than 6,000 people in the epicenter of high tech affluence, however, the abundance one sees almost everywhere in the region—twin Teslas in... Read more

Born to Believe

Ritual Visions from Mexico

In "Born to Believe," I reflect on the beliefs and rituals children inherit from previous generations as they attempt to express life’s importance as it occurs, and often when it is most out of control. At birth our religious choices are determined by our parents. For children in Mexico, where over 80% of the country is Catholic, this means that they will most... Read more