Contributor: Darleen Pryds

Darleen Pryds is Associate Professor of History and Spirituality at the Franciscan School of Theology, which is affiliated with the University of San Diego. Her research focuses on the lived experience of faith of lay people within the Franciscan tradition. She also studies and explores the spirituality of dying and death through her volunteer work as a caregiver in hospice. Her publications are listed on You can also keep tabs on her speaking, research, writing, and everyday insights on Facebook and find out more about her work on LinkedIn. In her spare time she likes to practice yoga, play tennis, and go hiking with her husband, Scott, and their dog, Gioco.

Five Days in a ‘Thin Place’

A Pilgrimage before Coping

As someone who has volunteered in hospice for ten years and has written on the spirituality of dying and death, I am often asked about grief and coping with loss. I used to balk and say, “I do dying and death; not grief. I know nothing about coping with loss.” While I still do not presume to claim that I have clinical expertise or professional pastoral experience... Read more

Finding Deep Gratitude in Ordinary Time

My Sunday night yoga class is an anchor in my week. It grounds me and prepares me for the week ahead. The teacher is wise and the community that gathers is special. Recently one night a couple I hadn't met before showed up. A bit older than me, they looked to have shared many, many years together. They had that gentle way of moving together that some couples create... Read more