Contributor: Danny Cortez

Danny Cortez is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor. He is a graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary and is currently serving as a board member for The Gay Christian Network. He is also a hospice chaplain. Born in the Philippines, he migrated to the United States when he was four years old. He recently changed his beliefs regarding LGBTQ inclusion and as a result, the Southern Baptist Convention dismissed his church, New Heart, from the denomination. Since then, the church has moved forward in the ordination of a female co-pastor, no longer discriminates against LGBTQ persons, and has become active in the intersections of justice.

The Fearful Church and the Loss of Our Prophetic Voice

In January of 2014, I revealed to the elders of New Heart Community Church that I no longer held to the traditional position on homosexuality that our church had long promoted. After initial conversations for clarity on my position, one of the elders asked, “Are you willing to keep this a secret?” To which I replied, “No.” He was afraid that my position would ultimately... Read more

Re-Seeing Evangelical Support for Donald J. Trump

Not long ago, Wayne Grudem, a prominent evangelical theologian, voiced support for Donald Trump. His main reason was because the next president would appoint the succeeding Supreme Court Justices. After I read his statement, I tweeted this:           As more and more evangelicals have rallied around Donald Trump,... Read more

Theology in Living Color

Recently, I was at a missions event at a conservative Christian university. There, I met a white missionary who had been working in India. As we talked, he spoke patronizingly of the Hindu temple and the many gods displayed. So I took out my phone and Tweeted: An important goal of evangelical mission work is to share the gospel and to win the world for Christ.... Read more