Contributor: Anthony Guillén

The Rev. Canon Anthony Guillén is the Missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries and Director of Ethnic Ministries of the Episcopal Church. Guillén previously served two parishes in the Diocese of Los Angeles. In his early years in ministry he served as a youth minister and later as a missionary in Western Mexico where he planted two missions, worked as diocesan youth coordinator and directed an earthquake relief program. Guillén is committed to raising and equipping a large network of “digital disciples” that together can spread the Gospel and introduce people to the Episcopal Church. Guillén and the Office of Latino/Hispanic Ministries yearn for a church that embodies the multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural context we live in today.

Can the Church Welcome the Stranger without Challenging Mainline Christian Whiteness?

Examining Race to Build Solidarity with Immigrants and Refugees

The demands on us related to immigration are overwhelming and may seem insurmountable. There seems to be no end to the mass suffering and injustice being inflicted on immigrant families—in particular children and youth—who are simply trying to survive in the midst of economic despair, violence, and other uncertainties. As people of faith rooted in the values of... Read more