Contributor: Angela Yarber

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber is authorartist, and Executive Director at the Holy Women Icons Project, a non-profit that seeks to empower marginalized women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events. With a Ph.D. in Art and Religion, she is also an ordained queer clergywoman. The author of seven booksaddressing the intersections among the arts, religion, and gender/sexuality, four of which were awarded the Top LGBTQ Christian Books of their respective publication years, she is currently querying literary agents for her eighth book. After fourteen years as a pastor and over a decade as a professor, Angela and her wife left their jobs, sold their home, and traveled full-time with their toddler; this wild adventure took them to Hawai’i Island where they partnered with the television show Tiny House Nation to build their off-grid home, which is the first step in creating the Holy Women Icon Project’s retreat center. Her work has been featured on NPR’s Progressive Spirit and Maya Angelou’s memorial celebration. For more, visit or follow HWIP on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

Queering Iconography

Celebrating the Wonder of Radical Imagination

It’s no secret that the bulk of religious iconography from across spiritual traditions highlights the faces of men, oftentimes whitewashed to erase the varied hues of skin that our saints embodied. Overlooked, strategically erased, and missing are the bold faces of women, queers, people of color, and the holy ones whose identities intersect these differences.... Read more

Coping Through Creativity

Holy Women Icons of Grief

As ordained clergy, I’ve officiated a lot of funerals. For fourteen years, I shaped burnt ash across congregant’s foreheads on Ash Wednesday and reminded them that we all come from dust. To dust we shall return. Yet these words and rituals rang hollow when my brother died over a year ago from a drug overdose. As I officiated my little brother’s funeral, I held... Read more

Art as Justice-Making

Painting and Writing Holy Women Icons

How can we repair a damaged world? [caption id="attachment_5629" align="alignright" width="323"] Gloria Anzaldúa[/caption] As the American embassy was bombed in 1999, I was hunkered in a Russian orthodox church gazing at the brooding faces of male saints that filled every inch of the sanctuary. Where were all the women? As a sensory overload accosted my eyes... Read more