Contributor: Andy Shamel

Andy Shamel is an Episcopal priest from the Diocese of California, currently living in England, working on a DPhil in Theology at the University of Oxford. His research is into the ways in which we tell stories in order to encounter the world as meaningful and what that may say about God’s creative action and our participation in it. Before crossing the sea, he was the Episcopal campus minister at Stanford University. Two cats (one fat and one skinny) made the journey with him, and he is engaged to be married to a wonderful and brilliant ordinand in the Church of England. He can be found on the web at and on Twitter @andyshamel.

Playing Games with God

How Games Play Us, Stories Tell Us, and Faith Lives Us

It’s all a game. These are not the words that the demands of our time might seem to merit. With the world on fire and political turmoil having become the constantly unsettling norm, we know that the church is being called to action in ways many of us had not imagined even ten or fifteen years ago. Sitting in my office in a suburb of Oxford toiling away at my studies,... Read more