Contributor: Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez teaches chanting as a spiritual practice for individuals and groups. She is the author of The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice (SkylightPaths Publications), a recording artist, composer, retreat facilitator, and song leader. Her workshops use sound to revitalize prayer and build open-hearted, engaged, and playful communities. She loves collaboration, mischief, being here now, diving deep, and a good laugh. Find Ana on iTunes and Her hymns and chants are published in numerous places. For more formation, visit:

Leading with Love and Song

Lessons from Creative Arts Camp that Just Might Change VBS Forever (and for the Better)

My friend Christina started talking to me about Creative Arts Camp during Holy Week last year, when my focus was obviously elsewhere. She told me how amazing it had been the first time the previous summer—how they taught dance, writing, visual arts, culinary arts, and music to a diverse group of more than 50 kids signed up from ages 7-14. She filled my ears with... Read more

Generating Church through Sound

Showing up, Listening Deeply, and Practicing Together

I teach community singing and chanting as a spiritual practice. I travel around the country meeting and singing with people in different denominations, teaching and learning new songs and insights, and moving on to the next community. Through more than 30 years, the singing together has become as much a metaphor for noticing our internal states, finding our... Read more