Leadership, Failure & the Cost of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

This summer I spent some time with a group of (mostly) young people involved in a virtual reality start-up. Some of them are serial innovators, having been a part of more than one successful endeavor. As a minister, spiritual entrepreneur, and organizing pastor of a new congregation, I was eager to hear their wisdom about what it takes to make seemingly wild possibilities... Read more

Sustaining Ministry through Soulful Entrepreneurship: Finding New Tools for a Changing Church

In the past decade, an increasing number of social entrepreneurs—individuals who feel called to make a difference in the world while earning a living doing it—have been establishing themselves. From mindful consultants to healers to savers of elephants and rainforests, these entrepreneurs find ways to live their passion and at the same time make an income. What... Read more

Challenges & Blessings of Soulful Leadership in the 21st Century Church

Editor's note: Part of this blog post is a further development of material in The Soul of a Leader by Margaret Benefiel (Crossroad, 2008). Used with permission of the publisher. The Western church rewards twenty-first-century ministry leaders, lay and ordained alike, for their drive, decisiveness, productivity, and long work hours. In such an environment, what... Read more