Our Mission

Our VISION: the future we are working towards

Human hearts renewed, justice established, and creation restored

Our MISSION: what we will do to achieve the future we envision

Catalyze spiritual imagination with enduring wisdom for transformative faith leadership

The BTS Center seeks to honor the work of God in the world by committing to these VALUES:

  • Courage: honestly engaging our changing religious landscape

  • Resilience: Cultivating the ability to adapt

  • Collaboration: Doing more together

  • Generosity: Readily giving of ourselves and our resources

  • Integrity: Holding ourselves to high standards in all we do

These are the METHODS we will employ to do our work:

In a time of immense change and challenge for faith communities as we have known them, there is a great need for innovative vocational development for leaders in diverse ministry settings. The BTS Center meets this need by serving as a think tank and incubator for 21st-century ministries:

  • We convene generative gatherings – like our annual Convocation; annual gatherings of the Regional Theological Education Consortium of the United Church of Christ, in partnership with the Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization Team; and Charting a Course, an emerging multi-faith leaders project with Auburn Seminary.
  • We create and curate fresh thinking – to be shared through our Bearings online magazine, vocational development programs like The Crux, webinars, social media, and our web site.
  • We fund selected projects as an active partner, investing in faith leaders and organizations prepared to apply innovative thinking to equip and support creative leadership for both familiar and emerging forms of ministry, as well as religious and spirituality-based leadership that resists traditional labels and forms – as in our Innovation Incubator; and our partnership with ARC – Arts|Religion|Culture.
  • We seek to do our work primarily in collaborative relationships.

We will share, in multiple contexts, what we learn through all of our projects and partnerships. Selection criteria for supported projects includes alignment with our mission and our desire to model a way of life that embodies biblical justice and prophetic ministry in a pluralistic world.

Through these channels, The BTS Center carries out its mission: to catalyze spiritual imagination with enduring wisdom for transformative faith leadership.