• Catalyzing Spiritual Imagination...

  • ...with enduring wisdom...

  • ...for transformative faith leadership

Who we are

The BTS Center is a think tank and incubator for 21st-century ministry. We create and support educational events, projects, and research inquiries in the fields of religion, spirituality, practical theology, and ministry.

We are a non-profit charitable organization in Maine, carrying on the historic, chartered mission of Bangor Theological Seminary (est. 1814). We seek to be generous stewards of our legacy, re-framing our purpose of preparing faith leaders for ministry in a 21st-century, digitally-integrated, multi-faith world.

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What we do

  • We convene generative gatherings
  • We create and curate fresh thinking
  • We fund selected projects as an active partner, investing in faith leaders and organizations prepared to apply innovative thinking to equip and support creative leadership for both familiar and emerging forms of ministry, and religious/spirituality-based leadership that resists traditional labels and forms. 
  • We collaborate with others who share our vision and values.

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Why we do it

There is a great need for innovative vocational development for faith leaders in a world evolving right before our eyes, in ways not always welcome and at a breathtaking pace.

We believe The BTS Center is uniquely positioned and equipped to be a progressive spiritual, intellectual, and practical partner with others to encourage, support, and empower individuals and their communities as agents of change who embody God's mercy, reconciliation, and justice for all people and all of creation.

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“Even in the first generation, your pioneering founders wanted to do it differently. These people looked for something new and distinctive to do in the field of theological education.”

— Robert Wood Lynn


  • 2/5/19 — Convocation 2019 registration page is now open. Brave Change: Courageous Churches will be held on April 6, 2019 at the Harraseeket Inn, Freeport, Maine. Click here to learn more and register.
  • 11/13/18 — The Board of Trustees of The BTS Center announces the retirement of our Executive Director, The Reverend Dr. Robert Grove-Markwood, effective June 2019, which will conclude eight years of leading Bangor Seminary and its transition to The BTS Center. The Board will more fully celebrate Bob’s leadership closer to his retirement date. For now, we are extremely grateful to him for his dedication to and passion for the work of The BTS Center.  Read more …


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