Unlocking Possibility Speaker Series

Every crisis can be an invitation to dream. Even in uncertain moments, we are called to imagine better futures together: for ourselves, for our communities, and for our planet. In this series, we’ll be talking with leading thinker-practitioners about the art and practice of imagination: both how to create wide-open spaces for possibilities that others find impossible and what it looks like when our dreams become reality.

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Unlocking Possibility Co-Learning Community

Truly, there has never been a more urgent time for us to imagine new possibilities for the future. Thankfully, imagination is not a gift given to a few, but a discipline that can be practiced by all of us. We’ll cultivate our ability to envision better futures for ourselves, for our congregations, for our communities, and for our world. We’ll learn together about the nature of imagination, center it in God’s ongoing work in the world, and apply our learning to our own contexts through ongoing practice and reflection as we build community with like-minded peers.

You're invited to join us for all of the Unlocking Possibility Speaker Series events and intentional gatherings for integration and application. Meeting during the weeks between the Speaker Series events, the Unlocking Possibility Co-Learning Community will gather as a small group, praxis-based learning experience for those intrigued by the possibilities of an intentionally imaginative frame for life.

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Creation's Wisdom Book Retreat

Using Christian scripture and theology through the lens of modern science, Creation’s Wisdom explores the concept of the Tibetan Five Wisdoms to address such questions as: What is a Christian spirituality that speaks to the needs of people in an era of climate change? What practices can guide us? What is a helpful perspective? Author Dan Wolpert uncovers that the answers lie in the elements of creation.

This five week book retreat will explore the nature of Creation’s Wisdom, how God speaks to us through creation, how we can connect to the wider creation in holistic and meaningful ways, and how we can become ambassadors for a path of healing in this time of climate crisis. The retreat will use a combination of discussion, teaching, and contemplative practice that will strengthen us for the challenging journey ahead.

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Convocation Reimagined
Engaged Hope: Grounded Leadership in an Era of Ecological Emergency

Convocation Reimagined — the 2020 edition of The BTS Center's annual Convocation, for the first time ever in digital space, was on September 24-25.

Our theme this year was an important and timely one: "Engaged Hope: Grounded Leadership in an Era of Ecological Emergency." We gathered for online sessions, and logged off for some intentional, self-guided, offline sessions, returning to digital space for continued learning and reflection. This blend of online and offline experiences, weaved together to facilitate learning, nurture respite, and deepen community.

Who we are

The BTS Center is a think tank and incubator for 21st-century ministry. We create and support educational events, projects, and research inquiries in the fields of religion, spirituality, practical theology, and ministry.

We are a non-profit charitable organization in Maine, carrying on the historic, chartered mission of Bangor Theological Seminary (est. 1814). We seek to be generous stewards of our legacy, re-framing our purpose of preparing faith leaders for ministry in a 21st-century, digitally-integrated, multi-faith world.

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What we do

  • We convene generative gatherings. 
  • We create and curate fresh thinking.
  • We fund selected projects as an active partner, investing in faith leaders and organizations prepared to apply innovative thinking to equip and support creative leadership for both familiar and emerging forms of ministry, and religious/spirituality-based leadership that resists traditional labels and forms. 
  • We collaborate with others who share our vision and values.

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Why we do it

There is a great need for innovative vocational development for faith leaders in a world evolving right before our eyes, in ways not always welcome and at a breathtaking pace.

We believe The BTS Center is uniquely positioned and equipped to be a progressive spiritual, intellectual, and practical partner with others to encourage, support, and empower individuals and their communities as agents of change who embody God's mercy, reconciliation, and justice for all people and all of creation.

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“Even in the first generation, your pioneering founders wanted to do it differently. These people looked for something new and distinctive to do in the field of theological education.”

— Robert Wood Lynn


The December issue of Bearings, the online magazine of The BTS Center, is our last. With this issue, we celebrate, we give thanks, we bid farewell, and we embrace the spiritual practice of letting go. #bearings #celebrate #farewell

Here's the November issue of Bearings, the online magazine of The BTS Center, focusing on the theme of Brave Change. This month, our contributors explore the role of uncertainty, risk, discovery, and faith in moving life in new and unexpected directions.


Invitation to participate in a Book Study Group focusing on @JimAntal's #Climate #Church, Climate World: How People of #Faith Must Work for #Change. In-person group for people who live in #PortlandME and online group for anyone anywhere. Three sessions.