Next Steps

In a time of immense change and challenge for faith communities, we believe there is a great need for innovative professional development for leaders in ministry settings. We will help meet this need by serving as an incubator for 21st-Century ministries.

  • Using a think tank model, our Scholars and others will help us create and curate fresh thinking, to be shared through Convocations, courses, publications, social media outlets, and web site content. Our think tank activities will begin in September 2014.
  • We will invest in helping leaders apply fresh thinking in selected ministry settings by funding carefully selected projects as an involved partner (e.g., Converging Paths lay ministry project). What is learned through the projects will be shared in multiple contexts. We plan to launch the project incubator in the Spring of 2015. Selection criteria for projects will include alignment with our mission and our desire to model a way of life that embodies biblical justice and prophetic ministry in a pluralistic world.

Through these two channels The BTS Center will equip and support clergy and laity for theologically-grounded and effective 21st Century ministries.

This summer we will post a job announcement for an Associate Director, who will help support program development and implementation, as well as manage social media and other resources for digitally-integrated ministry. This full-time position is anticipated to start in the Fall.

Watch for significant web site revisions this summer, and a Fall print publication with more information about the work of our newly appointed staff, recent news about our evolving programs in 2014-2015, and a look back at the year 2013-2014. Alumni/ae will also be contributing to the print publication.