Save the Date: Convocation 2016



Convocation 2016 Theme: As pastors and lay leaders of faith communities, we are constantly beset by tensions between what we imagine, our resources, and our own personal inspiration. According to Troy Bronsink, the facilitator of Convocation 2016, design process teaches that such limitations are not obstacles, but crucial steps in the inspired unfolding of new efforts and projects. Ultimately, all innovation emerges out of a process that calls us to move from dreaming, to acting, to responding courageously to the outcomes of those actions.

During Convocation 2016, we will move from large-group interactions to intentionally designed small group work, so that our inner teachers become co-leaders of the event, along with Troy. During our two days together, sessions will focus upon four topics: (1) Creative Ingredients; (2) God’s Creative Process; (3) Our Creative Process; and (4) Prayers and Practices to Sustain Creative Flow. Participants will leave Convocation 2016 with a framework for cultivating creative projects and teams, as well as specific mindfulness/contemplative practices designed to deepen their own senses of call, inspiration, and collaboration.

Facilitator Bio: Troy Bronsink ( is an author, spiritual director, Presbyterian minister, and teacher. His retreats about the creative process have garnered rave reviews from artists, activists, and faith leaders across the country. Troy’s book Drawn In: A Creative Process for Artists, Activists, and Jesus Followers outlines a process of approaching life like an art form, in which we are being drawn forth by the Creator as well as commissioned to create our own lives and communities with intention.

“Troy Bronsink is a gifted writer, reflective artist, and practical theologian sure to contribute much to the life of the church for decades to come” – Brian McLaren