Save the Date: Convocation 2017


January 23-24, 2017. This winter, The BTS Center will continue a century-old tradition of bringing together nationally-recognized speakers to share ideas and perspectives about contemporary spiritual and religious concerns. Convocation 2017 – “Course Corrections” – will provide participants with opportunities to make meaning of the changes that are transforming 21st-century spiritual and religious landscapes.

course_correction_rack_revised_card_webAccording to Dr. Pamela Shellberg, Scholar-in-Residence at The BTS Center, “Research shows that religious affiliation in the United States is rapidly declining. Many individuals of faith feel a lot of grief and confusion as they face the prospect of losing  the religious institutions, ideas, beliefs, and communities that have shaped them. Indeed, such losses can often feel traumatic. Convocation 2017 will offer participants a welcoming space to process their experiences.”

During Convocation, Dr. Shellberg will lead an imaginative immersion into the Biblical story of the apostle Paul’s Damascus Road event, which—like many modern spiritual narratives—features a radical rupture with the past, feelings of disorientation and loss, urgent needs to make sense of things that no longer make sense, and struggles to find language to express newly comprehended truths. The event will feature presenters who will offer insight into how spiritual trauma and dislocation can spur creativity and growth.

Convocation 2017 – “Course Corrections” – will be open to the general public. More information and registration materials will be posted soon. If you would like to keep track of Convocation developments, click on the phrase “Sign Up to Receive Our E-Newsletter” on the right-hand side of the page.