2016 Innovation Incubator Awards

June 16, 2016

PORTLAND – The BTS Center is proud to announce the recipients of its 2016-2017 Innovation Incubator Awards. Additional information about projects and investigators may be found on the Incubator Awards page.

Cairn Projects

Decolonizing Faith

Submitted by Penthea Burns and the Rev. Carie Johnsen

A Model for Forming 21st-Century Spiritual Leaders Who Serve at the Edges

Submitted by Kathryn Booth, Joan Jordan Grant, and Piers Kaniuka

Compass Projects

Words That Shape Us

Submitted by the Rev. Kate Dalton and Dr. Michele LaBotz

Discovering the New Ministry: Exploring Shifting Roles in Congregations with Bivocational Pastors

Submitted by G. Jeffrey MacDonald

The Great Bible Experiment: Exploring the Bible in America’s Least Bible-Minded Cities

Submitted by the Rev. Anne Robertson