BTS Center-funded Work Featured in the Christian Science Monitor

Last June, The BTS Center awarded journalist-pastor Jeffrey MacDonald an Innovation Incubator award to research church vitality. When Jeff visited congregations with part-time clergy (or no ordained clergy at all), he often discovered energetic, creative faith communities that offer counter-narratives to prevailing tales of church death and decline. We’re proud to announce that The Christian Science Monitor recently featured Jeff’s work in its February 6, 2017 cover story, “America’s New Ministers.”

Letters of Inquiry for The BTS Center’s Innovation Incubator are Now Being Accepted

The BTS Center invites Letters of Inquiry for its 2017 – 2018 Innovation Incubator program, which supports Cairn and Compass Projects that map the contours of today’s religious and spiritual landscapes, mark creative paths for navigating them, and explore new ideas and insights for nurturing exceptional leadership in contemporary faith communities. Up to $70,000 will be awarded for the 2017 – 2018 funding cycle.


Application Dates for the 2017 – 2018 Innovation Incubator

Letters of Inquiry for The Second Grant Cycle Due by January 27, 2017

The BTS Center has announced the application schedule for its 2017 – 2018 Innovation Incubator. Due dates will be as follows, with additional information available on the Innovation Incubator webpage:

January 27, 2017: Initial Letters of Inquiry Due

February 24, 2017: Invitations to the Full Application Cycle Are Sent Out

March 31, 2017: Full Applications Due

End of April 2017: Applicants Notified about Funding Decisions


Save the Date: Convocation 2017


January 23-24, 2017. This winter, The BTS Center will continue a century-old tradition of bringing together nationally-recognized speakers to share ideas and perspectives about contemporary spiritual and religious concerns. Convocation 2017 – “Course Corrections” – will provide participants with opportunities to make meaning of the changes that are transforming 21st-century spiritual and religious landscapes.


New Course Announcement: “Spiritual Stories for a Wired World, with Elizabeth Drescher”

Spiritual Stories for a Wired World_web

“Spiritual Stories for a Wired World” is an online learning opportunity with Dr. Elizabeth Drescher – Santa Clara University professor, author, consulting scholar for The BTS Center, and co-editor of Bearings: Navigating Life-as-Ministry. The course will help faith leaders develop more resonant and engaging public voices through blogs, local news outlets, social media, and other communication platforms.


The Great Bible Experiment: Innovation Incubator Project Debuts in September

Earlier this summer, The BTS Center announced the recipients of its 2016 – 2017 Innovation Incubator Awards.“The Great Bible Experiment” is one of our sponsored projects, and it will debut in September. We encourage you to participate in one of four town hall conversations, where all Bible-related questions, struggles, and opinions will be welcomed with respect.


August 10th House Concert: Heatherlyn

We look forward to hosting one of our favorite singers for an intimate show at The BTS Center. Enjoy an evening with friends, listening to Heatherlyn’s soulful voice through her thoughtful songs, stories, and poetry.


2016 Innovation Incubator Awards

June 16, 2016

PORTLAND – The BTS Center is proud to announce the recipients of its 2016-2017 Innovation Incubator Awards. Additional information about projects and investigators may be found on the Incubator Awards page.


Registration Now Open for Convocation 2016


convocation_2016_powerpoint_cropped_for_webDesign Thinking and Mindfulness have taken the business and social sectors by storm. From making an iPhone, to designing worship, to renovating your kid’s bedroom, design thinking lays out the process of moving from dream to deliverable. But you can work a process and fail to be present, which is where mindful contemplation comes in. There are specific habits that can equip creative individuals from all sectors of the community to more mindfully engage the creative process.