Incubator Awards

Here at The BTS Center, we understand that the changing religious and spiritual landscapes of the 21st century demand the development of a wide variety of navigational tools. We are no longer in the realm of “one size fits all.”

Thus, our Innovation Incubator, launched in 2016, seeks to create, promote, and disseminate new practices, knowledge, and scholarship that can help individuals and organizations successfully traverse the terrain that surrounds them. Through the Incubator, we seek to support change agents and leaders who desire to generate positive transformation in the fields of religion, spirituality, practical theology, and ministry.

The BTS Center’s Innovation Incubator supports two types of projects:

  • Cairn Projects are experimental, have a practical or applied focus, and are “local” in character (i.e., specific to a location, a demographic, an institution, or a denomination). They offer outcomes that provide concrete direction, materials, and insight to religious and spiritual leaders who constantly contend with new, ever-changing circumstances.
  • Compass Projects are descriptive and interpretive. Compass Projects are undertaken by spiritual cartographers who desire to map what is occurring on the religious landscape from a 10,000-foot view—and thereby produce knowledge that can help faith leaders better serve communities of faith.

The BTS Center is pleased to partner with investigators on Incubator projects that map the contours of today’s religious and spiritual landscapes, mark creative paths for navigating them, and explore new ideas and insights for nurturing exceptional leadership in contemporary faith communities.

For a list of projects The Center has funded each year, click the following links.